How to Get FEHB Plan Information

The OPM website has plan brochures and a great deal of other useful information. There are three additional ways to get brochures: 

  • Attend health fairs  
  • Call the plan  
  • Visit the plan website 

You change plans by filling out OPM's form SF 2809 or an online equivalent. Personnel offices have copies and will give you form SF 2809 if you decide to change your enrollment. Many agencies use Employee Express for plan changes. OPM provides detailed enrollment instructions for all agencies. Retirees are mailed only abbreviated information and should go online to get more details. A special OPM system provides an easy way for retirees to order paper copies of plan brochures. If you have a problem getting information from these normal channels, you can call OPM for help. There is an automated phone system, called "Open Season Express" at 800-332-9798 to help retirees get brochures, change plans, or get other help. In addition, the retirement information office number is 1-888-767-6738 (use 202-606-0500 from the DC area). This office can answer many questions and help you with enrolling in a Medicare-participating HMO plans. For persons who are deaf, 1-800-878-5707 is the TDD line. Of course, Checkbook provides information on contacting each plan directly, including its telephone number and URL, along with information on enrollment limitations. While using the Guide you can download plan brochures and access the provider list and drug formulary for each plan.

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