Maternity Care

What plan offers the best maternity benefits?

Most plans offer low or no cost maternity coverage. Check brochures for this, and check network lists online to make sure you will have a good selection of obstetricians. Or select an obstetrician and then use their experience to steer you towards a few plans from which to choose. It is easy to find maternity benefits by opening a brochure and then using the PDF search tool using the word "maternity."

My wife and I are planning on starting a family soon. Both of us are healthy and active. No major illnesses. What plan or plans will be a good fit for us?

Good news: almost all plans provide full maternity coverage free or almost free. Use the Guide to find the plans that look best for you on overall costs. Enter your family information and you will see our results for families like yours. There are lots of things to explore and if you spend just a few minutes you will get a "comfort level" and probably spot something that makes sense for you and your wife. Before you make a final plan choice, be sure to download the brochure and check out maternity coverage. The great majority of the plans offer low or no cost maternity benefits. But you need to check because they all don’t do this. You should also be sure, before you select an obstetrician, that the hospital they use are in the network of the plan you choose. Or, if you already have an obstetrician, ask them which plan or plans will do the best job holding your costs down. Then select one of those.

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